COMAC 7 brings contracts to life

Contracts are an image of your company


Contracts are a main focus of organizations and companies and affect all divisions. Hand in hand with production, contracts represent an image of the company and determine its future, its opportunities and its risks. Contractual and business relationships are "heart and circulation" of the company and therefore in the center and the guideline of all business activities.

COMAC 7 is more than Contract Management


The importance of the contracts in the company cannot be covered by a passive, operational "contract management". With COMAC 7 and the StandardBusinessCode (SBC), we offer more than just high-quality functional contract software and a unique contract data model.

COMAC 7 brings contracts to life


Contracts have a strategic and operational significance, because they describe all relationships with internal and external business partners, with stakeholders, authorities and banks. Contracts also include the rules with which the business transactions can be performed, controlled and monitored.


COMAC 7 procurement

describes all inputs for the production process.


COMAC 7 sales

describes all outputs of the production process and the sale of products.


COMAC 7 rule box

makes all contract rules ready for digital automation.


COMAC 7 engine

transforms contracts to Smart Business Contracts.


COMAC 7 process automation

brings contracts to life.

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